The Direct Vision Standard

The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) assesses and measures the 3D volume of space that can be seen directly by a driver from the cab. More information on the DVS is available here.

Direct Vision Standard Consultation

Earlier this year, The Mayor, Sadiq Khan, and TfL consulted on a Direct Vision Standard for HGVs and how it can be used to reduce road danger. Feedback from this consultation has been used to shape the proposals for an HGV safety permit scheme based on levels of direct vision and industry-recognised safety systems to reduce road danger. These proposals will be consulted on in November.

HGV safety permit scheme

If approved, the proposals will require all HGVs over 12 tonnes to hold a safety permit to enter or operate in the Capital from 2020. Those rated ‘one star’ and above would automatically be granted a permit, while those rated ‘zero star’ (lowest) would have to meet  specific recognised measures in a ‘safe system’ such as sensors, visual warnings and comprehensive driver training, before a permit is granted.

The safety permit scheme could evolve over time, taking into account advances in technology. It is proposed that from 2024 only those rated ‘three star’ and above, or which have an advanced safety system, would be allowed on London’s streets.

The details of the method for rating vehicles to the DVS, the way we propose to set the DVS rating boundaries and the proposed ‘safe systems’  will be included in the consultation. The expertise of both industry experts and vulnerable road user representatives will continue to be an important part of developing the plans. Confirmed DVS star ratings will subsequently be published.

The introduction of these measures aims to provide a comprehensive approach to reducing road danger for all road users.

Alongside developing the Direct Vision Standard and the proposed safety permit scheme, TfL is also lobbying the European Commission for changes in international vehicle safety and design regulations to push for long term improvements to future HGV fleets.


By publishing the next phase of the DVS consultation in November, we hope to give clarity to those looking to purchase or lease ULEZ and DVS compliant vehicles. Under our proposals, any HGVs bought to comply with ULEZ would have the opportunity to be compliant under DVS through the use of additional safety components as part of a ‘safe system’.

More Information

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